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Public Or Private - POP

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Sex and
Relationships Education (SRE) is an essential curriculum for
students with special educational needs however some of the
concepts can be difficult for children to grasp.
Specific resources in this area for children with learning
disabilities are limited, can be expensive, or do not actually live
up to your expectations.

‘Public or Private’ is a tried and tested game with students at
key stages 3 and 4 over a period of several years in special
educational needs schools in Dorset. The game aids inclusion
for all students, encourages self esteem and essentially
teaches a skill which often cannot be generalised by children
with special needs and autism through role modelling alone.
Likewise, if the foundation skills of public and private are not
directly taught or learnt, how can we begin to start educating
on sex and relationships?

The game itself encourages participation through fun, and the
visual images and character of Spike. The use of Spike was
incorporated initially to protect children’s self esteem, so rather
than asking “when you use the toilet is that something you
should do in private”, it is turned around to “when Spike uses
the toilet is this something that is public or private?”.
Many families have different rules, whilst some children with
learning difficulties many need additional help in using the
toilet – making it not so private.

In essence POP, is a card sorting game whereby children use
the essential social skills of turn taking, listening and waiting,
whilst then placing the card under the concept images of public
or private. Accompanying this is a booklet demonstrating other
games and activities to reinforce this concept throughout
school or within the home.

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