About Wallis Productions

"At Wallis Poductions our objective is to produce high
quality films and products which will educate and inform
those involved in social care work."

Wallis Productions was founded by Norma Pitts.
Norma has a strong passion for being involved in the production of training films and products committed to promoting good practice and awareness.

Norma Pitts and Betty Butlin draw on their wealth of personal
professional experience in health and social care to explore
situations and issues raised by people with disabilities and
their carers.

Norma had already been the key-worker and producer in the
production of a training film which looked at the correct and
incorrect ways of working with people who have various
disabilities. This experience played a major part in giving
Norma the incentive to do further pieces of work exploring the various services on offer to people with disabilities.

Norma has herself acted in lead roles promoting awareness around different groups. She has had many years' experience
working with people who have some form of physical
disability or recovering mental health and / or sensory loss,
alongside various other service user groups.
Having undertaken extensive research into what was
currently available in this area, Norma decided to form
Wallis Productions. She assembled a team of experts who
together would help her to produce a catalogue of user -
focused training films and products

"WALLIS PRODUCTIONS will always portray a central focus which highlights service users' life experiences, and which will also incorporate the views of carers and / or family members".

The Objective of Wallis Productions is to produce high quality films that will educate and inform those involved in social care work. The films will demonstrate clearly all aspects of good
practice and will show what can and should be expected within
the specialisms portrayed. The ethos of the films will be to give
each viewer, irrespective of his of her role
(i.e. service user; student; worker) a detailed
perspective relevent to their own situation, which
they can either use to assist with further learning,
or which will go some way towards improving their
quality of life.

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